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ACT Organic Clutch Kit - Heavy duty pressure plate - Hybrid street disc - Can handle up to 383lb-ft of torque (44% clamp load increase) - Kit does come with release bearing
ACT Xact Prolite Flywheel - Quick throttle response and acceleration. - 8.3lbs - Lightest ACT Flywheel. - Recommended for racing. - Super rigid, precision made and dynamically balanced.
ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate - HD021 Pressure Plate - OEM compatible
MFactory 4.57 Final Drive Mfactory final drive gears are cut from high quality full carburised forged nickel chromoly steel while also benefiting from our proprietary heat treatment process. By changing your final gear ratios you can experience a dramatic increase in acceleration, typically between 10-15% increase in torque over the entire rev range over the OEM final drive